Characterization Of Family By Pa Chin Characterization

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Han Wei Rep. Works of Mod. Chinese Lit Ying Wang 16th December 2016 Characterization in Family by Pa Chin Characterization is a literary device that is a step by step process wherein the aurhor introduces and then describes a character. The character can be described directly by the author or indirectly. Direct characterization is also called explicit characterization, which tells audience the personality of characters directly. Indirect characterization or implicit characterization shows characters’ appearance, thought process, behavior and way of communication with other characters, as well as creates mood to reveal the personality of a character. Initially, the writer introduces the character with his physical appearance. Following the introduction is the description of character’s behavior. The next stage involves the thought-process of the character. Then as the story progresses, the character expresses his opinions and ideas and gets into conversations with the rest of the characters. The final part shows how the language of author creates a mood that emphasize the personality of characters. In Pa Chin’s Family, there are over 470 characters and more than 100 characters have name. They can be classified by different methods. In terms of class, there are characters from upper class and lower working class; in terms of age, there are characters from old generation, middle-aged generation and youth generation; by gender, there are male characters and female characters;

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