Characterization Of Harrison Bergeron In 2081 And Harrison Bergeron

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Characterization of Harrison Bergeron in 2081 and “Harrison Bergeron”

Comparing and contrasting Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron” and Chandler Tuttle’s 2081 in relation to their characterization of the short story’s namesake is an undertaking chock-full of potential. These two sources are very different in their representation of young Harrison and this serves to completely skew one’s preconceived understanding of his person, motivations, and desires. Due to this subtle but significant variation one can come to the conclusion that the way an individual is portrayed and the words they speak in different genres greatly manipulates others’ perception of their character. This is evident when one analyzes the monologuing and shot choices of the short film or the descriptions and dialogue in the story.

A satirical genius not recognized as such in his early years, Vonnegut published what is now a staple in high school classrooms in 1961. This work is named for a character who appears only briefly, but in that time creates a very strong impression; Harrison Bergeron is a fourteen year-old boy who surpasses most of society in every measurable quality. Vonnegut’s brash description of Harrison depicts him as some monstrous being of metal and sandbags, reminiscent of horror movie villains of times long past. Despite his limited dialogue, the words Harrison speaks reinforce this image to a tee; he is a power hungry beast of a boy. Victim to delusions of grandeur,

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