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Every one has a “Ram” within. What is Ram? A person, a hero, a god or just a concept? Ram could have traits of what we define as Ravana and Sita.
Ramayana is a myth that shows different traits as different characters. People have translated it in their own ways most commonly Ram to be the hero, the braveness; Sita to be a victim, the weak one; Ravana to be the villain, the bad side. Everyone could have all of these traits together. It is how you behave differently to each person in your life. And how you react in every situation.
This paper is trying to explore the different sides to a character through Ramayana.
This paper takes the approach where characters of Ramayana are concepts. It also explores Characters in different relations; as a son, a husband, a brother, and a king. Concepts meaning traits found in the person. It could be something Ram stand for.
Trying to question the hero (Ram), the victim (Sita) and the villain (Ravana) of the story. It also addresses a
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But was the myth only about Ram? Did the other characters have no role at all? Were they not important enough or worthy enough?

Over the years there have been different telling of Ramayana. The word “telling” is used instead of version because version is used when you have an original but nobody knows where did the Ramayana originate. And as times changed people have adapted the Ramayana according to their surroundings. The story may be the 
same in every Ramayana, but the discourse may be vastly different. Even the structure and sequence of events may be the same, but the style, details,
tone, and texture may be vastly different.
Devdutt Patnaik as well has a slightly different take on Ramayana as well. He does not portray Ram to be a hero, Sita to be a Victim and Ravana to be a villain but Ram is a god, Sita is the goddess, Ravana is just a Brahmin who fails to expand his mind. He describes Ramayana not as Rams journey but as the story of Sita and

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