Characterization Of The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

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In the novel “The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas”. Shmuel was the most significant character. In the novel, he was a young boy held of his own free will. He experienced some of the novels most graphic senses of the concentration camp. Some reasons I will discuss are when Bruno discovers Shmuel, Shmuel tells Bruno about his mother and father also the suffering of finding Shmuel’s pa. Shmuel was a young boy who didn’t understand why he was held captive in a concentration camp. This character throughout the novel maintained mentally strong and brave through all of the obstacles he had faced.

Bruno discovers Shmuel when exploring outside the concentration camp. When Bruno first met Shmuel, he described Shmuel as a boy who had grey skin with very large eyes who seemed to look sad. Bruno thought that Shmuel was lucky because he had friends on the other side of the fence. However, little did Bruno know that wasn’t the case at all. When Bruno and Shmuel got on the topic of what country they were living in Bruno got very confused that is when “… Shmuel stared at him for a moment and opened his mouth and closed it twice, as if he was considering his words carefully. ‘But this is Poland,’ he said finally.
‘Is it?’ asked Bruno.
‘Yes it is. And Denmark’s quite far away from both Poland and Germany.’(P:112).This proves that Shmuel knew what country he was living in and some of the horrors that took place not only in the country but also in the concentration camp as well. Shmuel was a young

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