Characterization of Billy Elliot

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Characterization of Billy Elliot Billy Elliot is a 12-year-old boy who lives with his father Jackie, his big brother Tony and his eighty-year-old grandmother in Everington in Northeast England at the time of the miners' strike in mid-1980s. He is the protagonist in the story and is principled, likable, and vivacious with a musical tone in his body. His mother Sarah who died two years before the beginning of the story was a musician and used to play on the piano for the whole family. Unlike the others in the little community Billy is – to some extent – impervious to social conditioning enough to think outside the box. Although he feels bound to the social tradition beautifully summarized by Jackie; “I boxed. Me dad boxed. You box” (p. 12.…show more content…
49 l. 27-28). In that moment when he makes up his mind about dancing his strong-willed and obstinate self emerges making him unafraid to confront his dad about his beliefs. Another noticeable trait is Billy's loyalty towards his family and his best friend Michael. He is very protective of the people who are dear to him. An example is how he refuses to badmouth his father to Mrs. Wilkinson even though he is very upset with his father for not allowing him to dance. When Mr. Wilkinson suggests that the strike is pointless Billy defends his father's and brother's actions. He is also private about his family in the sense that when Debbie Wilkinson reveals delicate details about her family, Billy doesn't reciprocate. He is tolerant and accepts Michael's homosexual tendencies. His loyalty keeps him from abandoning his friend just because he is different. Billy's immaturity and lack of communication skills show at the Royal Ballet School when things go downhill. The environment in London is completely different than what he is used to in Everington. He takes his frustration out on the poor boy in the changing room who tries to calm him down. Instead of acting wisely he reacts emotionally and lashes out. Related to this trait is his capacity to be childish, particularly in terms of how he allows his emotions to sweep him away as well as his inability to think about the potential consequences of his

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