Characters And Characteristics Of Mental Disorders In Disney Movies

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Aidan Bunge English Persuasive Essay With the massive amount of appreciation and love for Disney movies from all types of people, it is hard to criticize or analyze any film without serious backlash. Recently, many Disney enthusiasts have theorized that the characters from these beloved movies present characteristics of mental disorders. Theories such as these have thrown people into intense discussion and vigorous debates, some arguing that these characters strongly show mental disorder symptoms and others disproving that their cherished childhood characters could never show signs of mental disorders. Although many people would argue that Disney movies are simply just movies and do not have connections to mental illness, I hypothesize that there are many characters with personalities that correlate with mental disorders and have strong connections to psychological conditions. While multiple movies created by Disney, such as Frozen, James and the Giant Peach, Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians, Aladdin, etc. could be used as evidence for this claim, I will be focusing specifically on the fan favorite, Winne the Pooh. Firstly, I want to cover this movie especially because I can provide evidence that all of the characters have symptoms that pertain to mental illnesses and it has a strong idea to how impactful it is towards its audience. Pooh, can be diagnosed as having impulsive and obsessive fixations. His obsession with honey leads him to take actions that puts himself and his
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