Characters And Descriptions Of Leonardo Da Vinci And Leonardo Da Vinci

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II - CHARACTERS : 1 - Jacques Saunière : Is the curator of the Louvre, he has a great appreaciation for Leonardo Da Vinci's works, especially ' Mona Lisa ' and ' Madonna of the Rocks '. Because of him being a secret member of the Priory of Sion who were charged of protecting the secret of the Sangreal and the descendent of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, he was attacked by Silas and dies in the Louvre, but his death was not in vain. 2 - Silas : Is an albino man and also the attacker of Jacques Saunière, he is a monk of Opus Dei, but mainly work under the guidance of Manuel Aringarosa, since he was found and saved by him the day he fleed from prison. The albino man does not remember his name, Aringarosa named him after a man who was mentioned in…show more content…
In contrast to to Fache, he is more thoughtful about the whole situation that is happening in and outside the Louvre. He believes that, Jacques Saunière had left a message to Both Sophie and Robert and there were something hidden about it. He is more of an observer than actor. 8 - Claude Grouad : is a security guard at the Louvre, he was devastated by Jacques Saunière's death, because he didn't only regard him as a friend but also a father to him and his security team. Claude comes across Langdon and Sophie at Salle des Etas, the room that housed the Mona Lisa and that under Fache's order. He tries to tries to call out for support but the walkie talkie wouldn't work inside that room. Then, Sophie threatens that she would destroy the painting of 'Madonna of the Rocks', under pressure he does as she says and that helped them to escape. 9 - Jonas Faukman : Is Robert Langdon's personal editor. He sponsors Longdon's works specially if they are trustworthy, and in fact - he is always amazed by the results and he was the person that sent Langdon's latest manuscriopt to Saunière prompting this latter to request a meeting. In the novel he appears to love money but still he is a vrey cultured
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