Characters Filled with Hatred in Movie American History X Essay

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American History X is an invigorating movie that takes its viewers on a journey in a well thought and unsuspecting plot. The main character is consumed with hatred for every race excluding white Protestants. When he encounters desocialization/resocialization in a prison, he changes his thoughts and beliefs, and they follow him even after he leaves the prison. Groupthink and deviance are both displayed in this movie thoroughly. While groupthink is accepted in society and portrayed as the norm, deviance is unlawful and disrespectful among the social groups. Race and sexuality play important roles by shaping what’s socially accepted throughout the movie. American History X exposes us to groupthink in an obvious way. The DOC believes that by ridding of every other race/minority that they’ll solve the problem they face: no advances in the white race. To everyone in this social group, this is the solution they’ve come up with which in reality, is an incorrect approach to the situation. While trying to enforce their beliefs, they’re destroying their own town, and being criticized for how they act. Deviance plays part into the movie when Derek goes to prison for three years. There, he affiliates himself with a group like the DOC from home, but a key difference that would be categorized as deviant to his group back home is that they trade with the other races in the prison. When he finds out he breaks away from the social group he was affiliated with because he didn’t support…

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