Characters In 'Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress'

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In the Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress book by Dai Sijie, the passage that stood out most was The Old Miller’s Story. This is a story told by the old Miller and when he passed a waterfall on his way to cut firewood and noticed Luo and the Seamstress having sexual interactions but decided to stay and hide while watching it all happen. When reading this scene, it was evident that it displayed the feeling that as a character the old Miller is very curious and zealous about the physical attraction between Luo and the Seamstress. However, as the Miller analyzes the physical attraction between the two of them, it reveals that he is in shame and regret with his own body which has decayed with age. The beginning of the Miller’s story starts with him analyzing passing the waterfall and seeing Luo and the seamstress make love in the pool while he is in complete shock at what he is seeing. The waterfall is close to the Miller so he often catches himself there once a week and since it is hidden he suspects nobody would find it. He uses a selection of detail when he states how close the waterfall is to his house as he says, “A kilometer or two away from my mill, or thereabouts.” He says this because it analyzes that since he is so close to the waterfall and passes it at least once a week, he knows that people and are usually never found there. When he first sees Luo and the Seamstress he uses imagery describing that they were “naked as worms” with no clothing on down by the
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