Characters In Crime And Punishment By Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Throughout the novel Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky portrays Raskolnikov as a destitute man trapped within the suffocating isolation of an impoverished community. His ethical standpoint begins to crumble as a result of his situation. This fragmented moral compass is also exemplified within wealthy Pyotr Petrovich, and poverty-stricken Sonya. Dostoevsky is able to convey that a person's social and economic statuses influence his or her morality by utilizing strong imagery to describe the setting in the beginning of the story, revealing critical details that contribute to his use of characterization. The poor town of Petersburg serves to illuminate important traits embedded within each person in the story. By describing the conditions of the environment, Dostoevsky reveals the driving forces behind their sinful actions, as well as who they are as people. The scene is set early on, describing it as ¨close, crowded; lime, scaffolding, bricks, dust everywhere, and that special summer stench known so well to every Petersburger who cannot afford to rent a summer house (Dostoevsky).¨ Sonya and Raskolnikov are a part of what makes up this town, finding themselves to be greatly affected by the influence of destitution. When Luzhin comes to Petersburg, the sharp contrast between his elevated status and the poverty around him sheds light on his arrogant sense of superiority.
With every second that Raskolnikov has to endure the torment of an impoverished life, his sanity
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