Characters In Eperanza's Interactions With Women In Mango Street

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The words “I love you, Spanish girl” will forever linger in Esperanza's mind as well as the moment the boys at the carnival sexually abused her. Esperanza had many interactions with women on Mango Street. The women show both power and hopelessness. The men on Mango street would beat their wives and daughters restricting them from leaving the house. Esperanza struggled with her identity, she believed there was something bigger waiting for outside of Mango Street for her. One specific interaction that really affected Esperanza was with her friend Sally.
Sally was the prettiest girl in school, she attracted all the boys. Sally loved to play sexual games that would make boys fall in love with her only to dust them off as if they meant nothing to her. Esperanza admired Sally and was slightly jealous of how much attention she gets from the boys. Cisneros writes the carnival experience very clearly. She never specifies what the boys do to Esperanza making the reader draw conclusions. “Sally, make him stop. I couldn't make them go away. I couldn't do anything but cry” (Cisneros 100). Cisneros describes Sally as careless when she ditches her so-called friend to go do the nasty with an older boy. Esperanza is traumatized how the boys repeatedly said: “I love you, Spanish girl" as if those words allowed them to sexually abuse her. Esperanza blames Sally for leaving her alone. She is horrified form the way magazines and shows falsely portrayed sex. This implies that the boys raped her

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