Characters In Gary Faulsen's Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

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Every novel has that brave, strong, character that never gives up. This type of character is always looking out for others and being the best version of themselves that they can be. In the novel Hatchet by Gary Paulsen the main character Brian Robeson has to be all of the above. He really can’t let himself down because no one else will be there to help him survive in the wilderness. Therefore, because Brian is the alone in the wilderness he becomes committed, resourceful, and clever.
To begin, Brian is many different traits but the one I think he mostly is committed. An example of this would be on page 51, where Gary Paulsen writes, “He had to do something to help himself. I have to get motivated, he thought, remembering Perpich. Right now i'm all i've got. I have to do something.” Brian is basically is being his own parents while he is surviving. This is showing that Brian is so committed that he won't even think about letting himself give up or even think about that fact. Another example of this would be on page 124 when Brian was talking about his living situation, “The basic idea had been good, the place for his shelter was right, but he hadn’t gone far enough. Food was first, but the work for the food went on and on. He had tried to take a short cut and pay for it with his turtle eggs…” Even though Brian does have a shelter to live in he still doesn't think that is good enough for him, so he goes above and beyond to make his shelter the best it can be for him to
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