Characters In The Artful Oliver

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Oliver Twist was young boy a good looking boy who like the rest of us came into this world alone. Oliver's mom had nowhere else to go and she was about to give birth she came upon a workhouse that was a couple miles away from London and they let her in. Once she died due to giving birth they took Oliver away and began to raise him the workhouse. Once you are in the workhouse you never get out and as soon as Oliver was old enough to clean and do chores they immediately put him to work. Oliver is a young, kind, good hearted boy who is often mistreated. Mr. Bumble is a selfish, rude, dramatic, and ugly man who particularly thinks who he is. Mrs Thingummy or Mrs Corney is the matron of the workhouse she eventually becomes Mr Bumbles wife. She is heartless, a hypocrite, she only cares about material things and all she does is harass and hound Mr. Bumble not that he doesn't deserve it. Mr Sowerberry made coffins and when Oliver came to live with the Sowerberry's they had Oliver sleeping with the coffins. Other than that Mr Sowerberry was a reasonable man who was kind to Oliver. Noah Claypole is an insulting, weak, bully who constantly bothered Oliver for no reason he was just a jealous punk. The Artful Dodger is clever and very experienced he basically robs people for fagin he also acts and dresses like a grown man. Fagin is a conniving criminal who takes homeless kids off the streets and trains them to pickpocket other people basically convincing the children to commit the
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