Characters In The Giver

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"The Giver" by Lois Lowry describes Jonas's life in the community, where everyone, and everything is the same. A world without conflict, or choice. Your jobs are chosen for you, your partners as well, no one bothers to question the ways of the committee of elders. You could say that the committee of the elders is their form of government. Every year during December, until you’ve reached the year of 12, there is a ceremony for each age as you pass onto the next, helping you age, for example, at age 9, you get a bicycle, it's against the rules to have a bicycle or ride one before then. At the ceremony of Twelve, you get your predetermined lifelong jobs. Jonas gets chosen for a very important job, one which gives you a great honor. He is chosen to be the next receiver of memories. He is chosen to keep the memories of the past, when things were different, much different. The memories are passed down to Jonas by the receiver before Jonas, who's now known as the Giver. The protagonist is the main character of the story or the 'hero'. The protagonist makes the important choices and experience's the consequences of these choices. Jonas is the protagonist of The Giver. Jonas has light eyes, which are very rare in the community (pg26). He has dark hair which is cut short like the rest of the males. The giver is told in third person limited, since the story doesn’t use the pronoun I, it is in third person, but the narrator only knows Jonas's thoughts, thus,
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