Characters Of A Dog In The Golden Compass, By Philip Pullman

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Three years ago, my family adopted a dog. I ending up being the one who was most reluctant to making the final decision and still was even after he had entered our family. I was the one who thought of all the negatives for we don’t need a dog incorporated into our busy lives. For the first few weeks I did not like this dog, and the dog new it. Over time, I started to relate and bond with this dog. I saw how he was different, he did not act like a normal dog of his breed, different from the rest. I find the same thing in myself in my family, not like the others, but were both of us are still included and loved. Now, the dog that I didn’t want and I are closer than any of my other family members are with him. In the novel The Golden Compass, the author Philip Pullman develops a similar type of relationship for each of his characters called daemons. These companions reflect a certain person’s identity, soul, and changes in feeling through their different forms, usually as animals. I am being considered for Mr. Pullman’s next novel and he has asked me to develop daemons of my own for the next book in his series. After a few days of thinking I have decided on three animals that would be a great representation of me in daemon form, an owl, a lemur, and a butterfly. Throughout my academic career I have tended to be a good student who got “excellent” in elementary school and straight A’s in middle school. So what better daemon to have than owl to represent this side of me. I tend to have the ability to understand concepts and make them concrete easily when explained complete and thoroughly. This form of myself not only comes during school work but any time that I have to be analytical. One place that I have to show my thinking is on the tennis court, a sport that I play year round. Tennis is very much a mind game and at my higher level of play, I am forced to compete more and more strategically while also maintaining my consistent fundamental skills. This means observing what your opponents weakness is and applying it to the match so swing it into your favor. Placement, direction, speed, spin, are all things that need to be considered during every point. My owl is not only limited to its analytical side but its

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