Characters Of Sherlock Holmes By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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Since the beginning of time, the contradiction between good and evil has been present in all stages of life. Everybody is capable of having good and evil in their lives, is just a great part of what defines a human being. In the books of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, there are many villainous characters that are constantly forcing this detective to go out of his way and offer a more honorable sense of justice. Specifically, Professor Moriarty, as is known as the most mysterious, popular and clever of all the corrupted characters of the novel. Sherlock Holmes is often considered as the other side of the coin, the good to Moriarty’s evil, revealing that these two traits can come in any shape or form.
Professor James Moriarty, shows up as a malevolent character in many of the fictional Sherlock Holmes stories. Is often overrated, but as a character he is really important, since in different versions of the stories he is the one responsible for Holmes’s death. He is portrayed as a criminal mastermind who runs an illegal ring by taking people’s secrets as a form of payment so he can then give away some of his protection, and gain what he really desires: power. Starting from the beginning, this frivolous character is like a master puppeteer, he is very intelligent, cunning and he enjoys to manipulate people who feel weak under his command. On the other side, Moriarty is hiding in plain sight, and for him is just a game, more exactly like chess, in where he can move…
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