Characters Of William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, some specific characteristics of Hamlet’s peers help to show the character of Hamlet to the audience. Horatio supports every bold decision Hamlet makes, and is an authentic loyal friend. Fortinbras is a foil perceived in the play, and he wants to avenge his father 's death. Laertes, Polonius’s son and Ophelia’s brother, is passionate and impulsive, who is also identified as Hamlet’s foil. As Shakespeare reveal Horatio’s, Laertes’, and Fortinbras’ traits he also shows Hamlet’s admiration and wish to acquire their traits after his (Hamlet) father’s death to become the man he wants to be. Shakespeare tries to show the audience Horatio’s calm and controlled characteristic, Fortinbras’ brave characteristics, and Laertes’ passionate and rash characteristic. Hamlet appreciates Horatio’s qualities that he does not possess. He respects Horatio for his faith and self- control “Horatio, thou art e’en as just a man/ As e’er my conversations cop’d withal” (Shakespeare 3.2.56-57). This shows the audience that Hamlet acknowledges that he is out of control and wishes to be calm and centered as Horatio. Hamlet admires how Horatio does not rely on luck but his own destiny that he creates “That they are not a pipe for fortunes finger/ To sound what stop she please” (3.2.69-70). That shows Hamlet wants to be humble about life and to not rely on others. Horatio is Hamlet’s only loyal friend and is an equable source of advice and assistance. He helps Hamlet…

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