Characters Tell The Story. When Plays Start Off You Never

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Characters Tell the Story When plays start off you never know what is going to happen. People only see the characters and the way they act. The play writer wants people to feel the emotion and the tension between the actors and actress. People watching plays like mystery, comedy, and romance novel. The goal of a play is to entertain and show the audience a story that they will enjoy. In the play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell, the characters are not like the modern characters. These characters are people of the early years, and they are showing that men have a little more power than women do now. The play starts off telling of a murder and soon the character’s actions begin to unfold. The men of this play are speaking to the women…show more content…
Mrs. Helmer is a woman that likes to spend money and is wanting to give her family a life that they will love. The outside world does not seem to be known to Mrs. Helmer but she has experience in it. She seems happy but deep down she has no clue how long it has been since she loved her husband. She speaks to her husband with love, but he speaks to her in an ill manner. In the play, Mr. Helmer says, “See! You see! I was right all along that we shouldn’t stayed longer,” he is putting her down and saying he is the only one right and she does nothing right. They have a relationship that is good and bad throughout the play. Mr. Helmer is a husband of authority and treats Nora as a child rather than an equal. He states that she is a play doll and only worried about his place in society. In the play, Dr. Rank is a of friend of the family and soon tells of Nora of him being sick instead of Mr. Helmer. He is very serious about society and does not like joking. Mr. Krogstad is a lawyer and is rotten to the root. He tries contradicting his way back into his job and blackmailing Nora to get his way. Mrs. Linde is an odd friend of Mrs. Helmer and she has just lost her husband. She is a very polite lady and gives thanks to the job Mr. Helmer gave her. The story ends in the wife finally leaving her husband and remember that she is not a doll house. In the play “A Raisin in the Sun,” by Lorraine
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