Characters Transition into an Adult

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As people will say growing up sucks, you finally realize you aren’t a kid anymore. In the coming of age film, you see the main character emotionally transition into a adult. What makes the coming of age film special is the relationship the protagonist has with his or her group of friends. The coming of age film differs in friendships, depending on the gender of the main character. The friendships help shape how the protagonist is going to be by the end of the film, usually in a positive light. When the films characters are predominantly woman the film is usually emotional and sarcastic. The female friendships are not usually compromised and the girls are often loyal to a fault. In the film Now & Then (Lesli Linka Glatter 1995) Demi Moore & Gaby Hoffmann (young) play Samantha, a woman who is going home to fulfill a promise she made to her four three childhood friends Chrissy (Ashleigh Aston (young, Rita Wilson adult), Roberta (Christina Ricci young, Rosie O’Donnell adult), and Teeny (Thora Birch young, Melanie Griffith adult) to always be there when they were needed. Throughout the beginning of the film, Samantha is stressing about returning and meeting up with friends she hasn’t seen in years. Sam even as a grown adult kept a childhood promise she could have easily have backed out on. Now & Then starts our in present time and goes back to when Sam feels like everything changed for her. Death brings these girls together as they search to figure out what happened to Dear
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