Characters from Divergent Series: Analysis of Tris Prior

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Tris Prior was born into the Abnegation faction. When they turn sixteen they have to take an aptitude test which decides which faction they belong in. then, the next day at the choosing ceremony then pick either to stay with their family in the faction they were born into or pick another one to permanently live in. Tris Prior is a dynamic character because of her looks, actions, and speech. Tris goes through many changes when she becomes Dauntless and leaves her family in Abnegation, one of these being her appearance. When Tris belongs to the faction Abnegation she is dressed in all gray from head to toe. Their clothing is very simple and boring. Tris has to wear her hair in a bun and is only allowed to wear a watch. "Hides one’s beauty, gray clothes (gray robes, gray shirts, gray slacks), plain hairstyle"(6). The people of Abnegation try to hide ones beauty and can do so by wearing all gray. Once Tris chooses to become apart of the Dauntless faction she dresses in all black. The Dauntless members dress in all black, have piercings, tattoos, and have unnatural hair colors. The Dauntless need to look fearless and brave. "She gives me a look. “No. I will not cut my hair,” I say, “or dye it a strange color. Or pierce my face.” “How about your bellybutton?” she says. The new Dauntless members have to leave behind the looks of their old factions and look like the Dauntless. The new Dauntless members not only need to look like the rest of the Dauntless…
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