Characters in The Virgin Suicides

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Every girl wants to be him, and every boy wants to be him. Trip returns to town after a summer in Acapulco having shed is baby fat. Everyone wonders what caused Trip’s miraculous transformation from boy to man and he later explains it to the neighborhood boys during their investigation (Griffith). During his stay in Acapulco, a lonely divorcee took an interest in Trip and introduced him to love and alcohol. The neighborhood boys watch in awe as girls flock to Trip’s side. They bake him pies, warm his bed, leave notes inside of his car. Trip’s hedonistic nature sets him against the religious Mr. Lisbon, but also the boys (Hoskin). As virgins, the boys both envy and admire Trip. Watching Trip rein in girl after girl becomes a lesson to the boys. They watch Trip very closely, studying him, in hopes of one day being as cool and confident. Trip’s relationship with his father is very unusual. They treat each other as equals (Kakutani). They sunbath together and turn blind eyes to each other’s sexual deviation. In the era the book is set in, and for years after in the idealistic suburban community, Mr. Fontaine’s homosexuality would have been considered taboo. This could be the reason that Trip believes love should be private and refuses to tell other boys about his sexual exploits (Hoskin).
Unlike the neighborhood boys, Trip only has eyes for Lux Lisbon, rather than all four sisters. He spots Lux one day after he accidentally enters the…
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