Characters in the Curse by Lee Su Ann

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CHARACTERS Azreen Saleh Azreen Saleh is the daughter Saleh Abdullah. She is the total opposite of her sister, Madhuri who is pretty, sweet, polite and obedient. Hence, she was always compared to her and she hates it. She was a tomboy when in school, and she often got into trouble. Her bestfriend in school was Asraf. She would do anything to help him, even if it meant taking the blame for his faults. She did had feelings for him, but Asraf was in love with someone else. She seems not to get along with her father. She joined a foster programme and met her foster parents, Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zulkifli, and they remain close even when the programme ended. She was offered a scholarship to study in UK, and she hadn’t gone home for…show more content…
He was even more devastated with the death of his grandmother and he was convinced it was the doing of the Old Lady. He went there with an angry mob and set her house on fire. · Smart, handsome, friendly “He was smart and handsome and would always give her a big friendly smile each time they met in their editorial club meetings.” (pg. 34) · Well-liked “But you’re well-liked. People swarm around you like flies to a garbage can.” (pg. 38) · Handsome “He was a tall man with thick curly hair, very dashing and charming…” (pg. 41) · Superstitious “Superstition gripped him by the throat.” (pg. 163) · Easily influenced “Somehow Cikgu Asraf is convinced that it is true.” (pg. 197) The Old Lady The Old Lady was casted out from the village because she murdered her husband when she was younger. She was abused, so she could not take it any longer. She now lives in the middle of the jungle and is very good in mixing herbs to make medicine – therefore, she is rumoured to be an evil witch and knows how to cast spells. People are afraid of her, except for Azreen. She helped heal Asraf’s grandmother, but she died a few days later. The villagers convinced Asraf that the Old Lady murdered his grandmother, and so he torched her house and she died before Azreen could save her. · Tall with greyish hair “She was a tall woman with greyish hair.” (pg. 62) · Old but wise “Her

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