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The film Cold Mountain, directed by Anthony Minghella, is set during the American Civil War and tells the tales of two lovers, Inman and Ada. Inman is a strong, quiet and very moral country boy, very different to the higher class Ada, who herself does not fit in with Inman’s country lifestyle. Just as Inman and Ada realise their love for each other Inman is forced to fight for the South in the war, and Ada is left to look after herself. Inman then struggles to make his way back to his lover; and with no means of contact Ada spends her time trying to keep up hope that Inman is still alive. Minghella uses many techniques to create strong impressions of both Inman and Ada.

Minghella creates a strong impression that Inman is a very strong
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This can be seen in many other events in history such as during the holocaust in World War II. Oskar Schindler saves almost a thousand Jews lives from near certain death by acting upon his morals which tell him that the persecution that is occurring is not right. So through dialogue and camera shots Minghella creates a strong impression of Inman, his resolution and his endurance.

Another character which Minghella creates a strong impression of is Ada. At the beginning of the film Minghella presents Ada as a higher class “southern belle” and because of this we assume that she will be frail, and not take well to hard times. Minghella uses costume to show that Ada is a lady. For example Ada arrives into the small farming town of Cold Mountain wearing a very impractical but beautiful white dress. However when the war starts and Ada is left on her own, she is able to change and become a hard-working southern girl, and she obtains a new-found strength to her character that neither she, nor the viewer, realised she had. She starts to dress in far more practical farm clothes which are torn and dirty, and this change in costume reflects her change in character. She learns how to run a farm, and for the first time in her life she does hard labour, which when we first meet Ada we would not have predicted she could do. This change creates a strong impression of

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