Charactersitics of a Museum, Questions and Answers

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1. What are, in your opinion, the characteristics of the museum idea? As I remember from my travelling experience, a museum exists in each city, even the smallest one and sometimes even in villages. Visiting a museum at least once a year is a compulsory part of any school programme in my country, Russia. However, what is a museum? What are reasons for its existing? Who and how chooses display units for exhibitions from the huge variety of items in the world? All these questions can be answered if to determine the characteristics of the museum idea. Museums are public instituitons. Their number has increased and their role has transformed over the last fifty years. They attract a great number of people, from tourists to citizens, from children to adults. However, in order to understand which institution can be called a museum, it is necessary to examine the main objectives of its existence. The most obvious aim is an educational one since museums serve for society in order to conserve, research and communicate material evidence of people and their environment. Museums give people the opportunity to determine their place in the world, understand their cultural identity, develop self-respect and respect for others. Nethertheless, to conduct this educational mission, careful and meaningful selection of objects is required. After being chosen, all the items need to be preserved for future generations under proper conserving conditions such as good light, air conditioning,

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