Charge Nurse: Applying The Seven Habits Profile

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As the Charge Nurse in the dialysis facility where I am working, I am considered the leader in the “floor”, or the place where the patients are being treated. The other nurses and the technicians report to me, and rely on my final decision for patient treatment. In applying the Seven Habits Profile, I realized that my weakness is I sometimes negatively speak of others when they are not present. Even if I scored myself very good in this category, I still do it sometimes. I can make this better by applying Habit 1 or being proactive. Habit 1 encourages me to choose what I should say or do, and it makes me aware that I am responsible for my decision (Covey,2015). I will be effective if I choose not to say negative things, and should be increasingly…show more content…
Even if the final decision on the “floor” comes from me, I still address my subordinates as “sir” and “ma’am”, and always thank them for their efforts when working with me. One of the very important characteristic of Level 5 leaders is absence of ego (humility) combined with the determination to achieve the task required by our company (Daft, 2014). Even if the work on the floor is grueling, I sense that my subordinates are always happy to work with me.
Another strength that I have is being a Servant leader. When I see that my co-workers are overwhelmed with their task, or in need of assistance, and I am available, I don’t mind helping them, even if it means that I am doing the task of a subordinate. Servant leaders have two purpose: to help accomplish the goals of their subordinates and those of their organization (Daft, 2014). My purpose here is to assist my co-worker in need of help, and complete the task as soon as possible.
Finally, my strength as a leader comes from my being an Authentic leader. To be authentic means to be recognized by my co-workers as a leader who applies principles and values in life (Daft, 2014). I try my best to show sincerity when addressing my coworkers and patients, and not participate in “green jokes” and conversations that can possibly harm others. In this way, I earn the respect of my
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