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Chariots of was born out of a promise made on my 29th birthday, 1983.

My current age is nearly 60 years old.

While in the "E.R.", completely stripped down, I was becoming aware of the fact I was moments from my passing away.This was the result from being stabbed several times, two of which were initially considered to be death threathing. While awaiting open heart surgery, I become as clear thinking as ever; and actually was in a state of euphoria at the same time; and it become clear for me to pray for His mercy, because of another feeling being present, which was the feeling of horror; and without the promise of heaven.

I was a backslider; and had prayed for Grace four
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In fact, no other teaching (I think of) is more fundamental and rudimentary...and lacking than prayer and fasting is throughout the Body of Christ.

Although I confess myself to have fallen short of my calling, as a former backslider, I am not at all a nominal Christian in the least. However, I am not as spiritually mature as I should be either, and I know this ministry shall accomplish my maturity to advance at a faster pace, and so shall it be within our ministries leadership, and for the next generation members who enlist in order to learn to become less and less carnal minded; and have the desire to be with others who want or need the support to mature within their Christian walk.

"What I like about runners" are the runners who care to hear the words well done from all, especially their head coach, Christ Jesus, just as each us who are Christian should care to, thus demonstrating the fact that we are dedicated to run the race with a whole hearted attitude. This is a parallel to our learning to please our Lord, Christ Jesus, who ran the race set before Him, for the sake of not only pleasing His Father, but for our sake, restoring all of Creation, and granting those who have heard the Gospel, and have chosen to repent and to believe the Gospel, to become a new Creation, with the promise of an everlasting fellowship with all the saints, while living in His presence from everlasting to
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