Charismatic Leadership : A Charismatic Leader

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Charismatic Leadership Charismatic leadership uses “impression management to deliberately cultivate a certain relationship with group members” (Dubrin,2010, p. 68). They create a positive vision for their followers and these followers will work diligently to make the visions of the charismatic leader come true. This leader can influence external stakeholders by becoming the symbol of the company or cause he represents. “Charismatic leaders can transform organizations through their ability to see opportunities and their willingness to implement unique strategies. They bring solutions to organizational problems and hope to organizational members.” (Fogarty, 2011) This paper will discuss charismatic relationship and identify the potential for that characteristic this writer might possess. Through researching the topic, this question will also be addressed: Does this writer even WANT to be considered a charismatic leader? Characteristics of Charisma There are various characteristics of charismatic leaders. They possess the ability to influence others through their own desirable “traits and characteristics” (Dubrin, 2010, p. 69). They also influence others because of the skills, abilities, and knowledge they possess. Another characteristic is their ability to get their workers excited about their work and “experience job involvement” (Dubrin, 2010, p. 70). A study found that workers who rate their supervisors high in charisma also have a high job satisfaction with their
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