Charity : An Organization Set Up For Provide Help And Raise Money For Those

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Charity: “An organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need” [last viewed on 19/03/15 ] Any company aim is to increase the profit for the share holders, receive dividend (distribution of profits) in order to invest again or issue shares (selling part of the capital, method mainly used by big business to avoid bank loans and have liquidity – cash flow), take bank loans, while non for profit organization aim, is not to gain profit or save money but to spend for social purposes, explaining how the money was spent. There are four main types of charities structure; Charitable incorporated organization, Charitable Company, unincorporated association and trust. Before setting up a charity you need to decide which structure is the appropriate one for your organization. The purposes of a charity organization are to prevent poverty, enhance education, health, amateur sport, human rights, support religion, to provide public benefit in general, such as “schools”, after schools and recreational activity for kids, elderly or disable people. Charities are regulated by specific laws and the nature of these regulations is to protect the public opinion regarding charitable activities, give them trust in what this associations are doing, such as assuring that the money donated is being used respecting the charity law, promote and allow the community to access to up - to dated and accurate information, if

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