Charlemagne : The Father Of Europe Essay

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Charlemagne: The Father of Europe

When people look at World Civilization and break it down to a specific time frame people will come to find that some of the world’s greatest leaders and rulers ruled during the span of pre – A.D – 1500 many names come to mind but one that is guaranteed to stick out is Charlemagne. Who exactly was Charlemagne? Charlemagne is and was considered to be a rock star of his generation and time. He possessed stellar leadership skills as well as charismatic qualities that made him very likeable and respectable by many. Believed to be born in 742 AD in Francia, he was the son of Pepin the Short the 3rd and Bertrada of Laon. There is a void when referring to his childhood meaning there isn’t much verifying that he even had one. Although much isn’t known about his childhood historians can still vouch for the effortless talent displayed when it came to speaking and interpretation other languages such as Greek and more. Charlemagne can best be classified as a medieval monarch who ruled the majority of Western Europe from 768 – 814. At the young age of only 29 Charlemagne came to be the king of the Franks, which was Germanic people that conquered Gaul in the 6th century and controlled much of Western Europe for several centuries afterward. It was a great deal of work that he would go on to accept in which the objective was to bring all of the Germanic people together as one in one overall kingdom as well as get everyone under his jurisdiction to
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