Charles Babbage Survived Childhood Education

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Charles Babbage Charles Babbage was born December 26, 1791 in London England. He married Georgiana Whitmore July 25, 1841. They had eight children, of which only four survived childhood. As a kid Babbage had many tutors and went to many different schools. He was around 8 years old when he had to move to a country school called Alphington near Exeter for schooling to recover from a dangerous fever that almost ended his life. When he was about 16 or 17 he received a private tutor from Oxford which made him develop a love for math. In 1810 he went to Trinity College, Cambridge. Later, in 1812 Babbage transferred to Peterhouse, Cambridge and got an honorary degree in mathematics in 1814. Babbage was very disappointed about the math program
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