Charles Babbage 's Analytical Engine

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In 1842, Ada Lovelace learned that Charles Baggage had given a series of lectures on his Analytical Engine. Luigi Federico Menabrea had written up the lectures in the French work, Sketch of Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine. Though Babbage would never build the Analytical Engine, its concept was groundbreaking for the time. It was essentially the first idea for a programmable computer. Ada was so fascinated with the topic that she decided to translate the work into English. Babbage was impressed with her work and asked her “why she had not herself written an original paper on a subject which she is so intimately acquainted” (du Preez 108). At the time, women rarely were able to publish original work. They were usually forced to do as Ada did, merely translate the work of men. Ada successfully managed to circumvent this obstacle by adding a series of notes to Babbage’s original text. Her notes ended up being three times as long as the original, and even corrected many of the mistakes that Babbage had made. He noted that in doing so Ada was able to “enter fully into almost all the very difficult and abstract questions connected with the subject” (du Preez 108). These notes laid out the concept of computer programming and the required elements for a computer language. Unfortunately, Ada was still required to use a pseudonym, her initials A.A.L, in order to get the notes published in journals. While modern scholars still debate the true extent of Ada’s contribution to the…
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