Charles Barkley's 'Diary Of A Wimpy Kid'

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Reading and Writing Growing up I have always enjoyed math and science more than reading and writing. Reading is one thing that is hard for me to do; however, if I find a book that I find interesting I could read it all day. With reading there typically comes some sort of writing assignment. Writing has never been my strong suit when it comes to school; just as, Charles Barkley is not as good at golf as he was at basketball. Although reading and writing are not my best subjects, there are certain books or articles that do spike my interest. Through out my life in school I have read certain books that I cannot put down and those books are the ones that have impacted my life and how I think. These would include magazines such as “Sports Illustrated”…show more content…
I started this series when I was in fifth grade and continued to read it as the series continued to come out. From this book I learned some life lessons and tips about school. The biggest this that I learned from this book series is that everybody is different and you should not judge people on how they look and whom they are friends with. Most importantly that bullying is not okay. I believe that the main reason I became so interested in the novel is because it was relatable with the family and older bother. Once middle school came along I lost interest in the series and started to read larger and higher level…show more content…
Through out my life I have always been involved with reading and with that I have became a different person from the different life lessons and helpful tips to help get through each and every day. So even though I am more interested in science and math than reading and writing, I have not given up on them. Even if I want to become an engineer in the future I still understand that reading and writing is an extremely important part of being successful in this world. I want to continue to learn from different writings whether fictional or nonfictional and continue to develop. One of my goals is to increase my English and writing scores on the ACT; for instance my math and science scores are both twenty-nine and my English and writing are at twenty-one. If I can get all of my scores to the same level that would help me with scholarships and eventually help me succeed in life. Just as reading in the past has changed me, I will continue to change by reading in the
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