Charles Beard’s Article, Framing the Constitution

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Charles Beard’s article, Framing the Constitution, alleges the members of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia were “disinterested” in providing basic rights for citizens. He stated that the framers of the Constitution of the United States were only concerned in improving their own economic well–being and personal agendas. Therefore, providing information of the events that led up to the Philadelphia Convention and an overview of the Constitution will dismiss his statements, and state his article was a self-serving, conspiracy theory. The Articles of Confederation of 1781 produced the first endeavor of government structure. This attempt of forming a national and state government failed. Some of the issues that transpired…show more content…
While examining the Constitution, it was concluded a new document was imperative for the welfare of the nation. There were seven Articles established in the Constitution of the United States. The first three Articles dealt with the separation of powers. A three branch, federal government was formed along with checks and balances. This format promoted the equalization of power among each entity. The Fourth Article outlined the relationship between the states and the federal government. The Fifth Article pertains to the amending of the Constitution. The Sixth Article states that the laws of states and the nation should not conflict. And the Seventh Article declared that this was the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution provided a system of government that acknowledged the needs of each state, person, and the nation as a whole. Beard claimed that the minorities were not represented in the new Constitution but amendment fifteen provided protection against the majority. Along with the formation of the Electoral College which allowed the minority to be heard his claim can be dismissed. His claim that the delegates were only interested in their economic growth can be rejected. While each of the framers was successful in their own rights, they each had the foresight and knowledge to create a successful document that represented the welfare and rights
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