Charles Bell's Palsy Essay

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Bell’s Palsy Sir Charles Bell lived from 1774 to 1842 was a Scottish surgeon and anatomist, He demonstrated that spinal nerves carry both sensory and motor functions and that sensory fibers traverse the posterior roots whereas the motor fibers run through the anterior (Bell’s Law). His most notable achievements were his description of the exterior respiratory nerve known as (Bell’s nerve) he discovered that lesion of the seventh facial nerve causes facial paralysis. Bell’s palsy is a condition that occurs suddenly and will usually spontaneously subside within one to nine weeks. It make half of you face appear to droop. Causes: The exact reason isn’t clear it is often linked to exposure to a viral infection. There are some viruses that have…show more content…
Test and diagnosis for Bell’s palsy. There is no specific test but your provider may look at your face and ask you to move your facial muscles to close your eyes lift your brow, showing your teeth and frown among other movements. These symptoms can also be related to other conditions such as Stroke, infection, Lyme disease and tumor’s. If your provider is unclear why you’re having symptoms they may recommend other test be performed like Electromyography (EMG) or Imaging Scans. Treatment and drugs. Most people with Bell’s palsy recover fully without treatment. But your provider may suggest medications or physical therapy. Physical therapy helps because paralyzed muscles can shrink and shorten, causing permanent contractures. A physical therapist can teach you how to massage and exercise your facial muscles to help prevent this from occurring. Commonly used medications are Corticosteroids and Antiviral drugs. In the past, decompression surgery was used to relieve the pressure on the facial nerve by opening the bony passage that the nerve passes through. Today, decompression surgery isn't recommended. Facial nerve injury and permanent hearing loss are possible risks associated with this
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