Charles Bukowski 's Poem, A Genius, And Power Of The Human Mind

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“But there is genius in their hatred, there is enough genius in their hatred to kill you” (Lines 23-24). In Charles Bukowski’s poem, “A Genius in the Crowd,” he speaks pessimistically about the human brain and disrespects the good that comes from it, yet does not hold back on describing its power. He uses dark, extreme examples to describe hidden truths in today 's society. In Emily Dickinson’s poem, “[The Brain—is wider than the Sky—],” she talks about the power of the human brain, complimenting and respecting it to things thought to be incomparable. Both Dickinson’s and Bukowski’s poems show the strength and power of the human mind, but their views on what the brain accomplishes are far from similar. The power of the brain is something…show more content…
As stated in the literary criticism, “The Brain Is Wider Than the Sky,” “The brain is compared with God, and weighing is the metaphor, not containing. The brain is only or exactly (“just”) “the weight of God.” Dickinson was raised in a Calvinist household and knew the Bible well, so she probably would have known that one of the Old Testament Hebrew words translated as “glory” also means “weight,”.” (Thompson, Evan) The word weight or glory is meant to stand for great beauty. This means that the brain was even above god and that there was even deeper meaning to what Dickinson was saying about the brain. This supports my claim stating that the brain wasn 't comparable to that of god 's, rather that it was above and beyond. Emily Dickinson is comparing the brain to the great beauty of god. With the word weight, actually meaning glory, we can imply that she is complimenting the brain. Dickinson speaks of the respect that the brain deserves and compliments the usefulness of its abilities, where Bukowski’s is proclaiming the power of its nature of destruction. In Bukowski poem he exclaims his hatred through acts, stating, “But there is genius in their hatred / there is enough genius in their hatred to kill you.” (Lines 23-24) Bukowski is claiming that the genius is the human brain is derived from hatred and the roots of evil. He elaborates in the next line and claims that the power of their genius is only in their hatred for you and

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