Charles "Charlie" David Wolfe Was Born To His Parents During

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Charles "Charlie" David Wolfe was born to his parents during the year of 1955, in the town of Newcastle, Delaware. Charlie is the youngest of three brothers, who were all born three years apart from each other. Though his parents had hoped for their third child to be a girl, they were slightly disappointed in the discovery that they had conceived yet another baby boy. However, that discovery did not change how they felt about their baby, or how much they cared for their child. They believed that the they were truly blessed that the baby was born healthy, and happy. After all, that is all a parent can hope for. Growing up, Charlie 's parents raised him strictly. They believed that there was a time for everything; whether it be fun, work,…show more content…
I was their little brother, and they were the only ones allowed to pick on me". Aside from his brothers using him as an occasional punching bag, Charlie spent the majority of his time on the beach, which was conveniently located right out back his childhood home. "I remember taking my shoes off the day of summer vacation, and not putting them on again till summer vacation ended" said Charlie. Due to his family home being right on the water, Charlie had plenty of time to teach himself how to swim, and to focus on being a child. He is still very proud of himself, for being a self-taught swimmer, and believes that from a young age, he has always valued knowledge. When asked why his parents weren 't the ones to teach him the fundamentals, like swimming, Charlie answered "They tried, but I was always the kid that wanted to do things on my own." Charlie was never afraid to fail, and always took everything as a challenge. "My parents weren 't surprised that I was headstrong. I am pretty sure that they were proud that I was independent from such an early age." Charlie spoke highly of his parents, even though they were strict with how they raised their children. Charlie 's parents, though strict, always cared about their children, and tried their hardest to give their three sons everything they wanted, and everything they needed. "I remember, on my fourth birthday, my parents brought me home this ugly little puppy. Now,

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