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The Beginning

On December 31, 1738, Charles Cornwallis was born the second Earl Cornwallis, since

his father, the fifth Baron Cornwallis, had been rewarded as a Viscount and the first Earl

Cornwallis. In 1661, Sir Frederick Cornwallis was rewarded a baron try by Charles II for

service to the Stuarts. His mother was the niece of Sir Robert Walpole. His uncle became

he Archbishop of Canterbury. Cornwallis was educated at Eton and moved in elite social


In 1756, about a month before his eighteenth birthday, Cornwallis purchased an ensign's

commission in the Grenadier Guards and then took the extraordinary measure of

attending a military school in Turin, Italy to
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In 1770, he became a member of the

King's Privy Council. In 1771, he became Constable of the Tower of London. In 1775, he was

promoted to Major General, which continued to show that King George III trusted in his abilities

even though Cornwallis opposed the King's policies against the American colonies.

War Times

     In the fall of 1775, the British began to assemble in the southern colonies. Now

Major General Charles Cornwallis, he was ordered to sail 7 regiments with 2 companies of

artillery from Cork. Cornwallis had easily advanced in the Kings services and asked for the job.

Vice Admiral Peter Parker warships were to convoy Cornwallis’ 2,000 troops in 30 odd

transports. They were to meet an officer appointed by Commander-in-Chief General Howe and

leave the men. Even though after the men left Cornwallis’ hands the were defeated he would get

promoted later.

Long Island August 22-29, 1776:

     Now Lieutenant General Cornwallis commanded Howe’s reserves along with the

Hessian led Colonel Carl von Donop. They went ahead 4.5 miles ahead to clear the woods for

Howe’s main group. They stopped in Flatbrush spoiling Washington’s plans to get Cornwallis to

led him to Howe. As Washington watched Cornwallis from a hill the British main body pushed

forward undetected.

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