Charles Crick And James Watson

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“A potential key to the secret of life was impossible to push out of my mind” (Watson 35). Without Crick and Watson’s development on the anatomy of DNA, the foundation for modern day knowledge on genetics and inheritance would have never existed. Francis Crick and James Watson were two scientists who discovered and deciphered the structure and different parts of DNA. Subsequently, if they never conceived the whole idea of a human genome, the entire maintenance of life’s code would remain a mystery. Throughout the race where the men were aiming to be the first ones to unscramble the DNA code, Crick and Francis encountered and exchanged ideas and hypotheses with other scientists in order to produce the structure and function of the DNA…show more content…
The men exemplified exploration by looking into the works of Linus Pauling, a scientist who had released his discoveries of the proteins found in DNA, during the mid 1930s. In addition, the x-rays of DNA photographed by Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin in the early 1950s contributed in the finalized DNA structure (Cobb). From Francis and James’ article, Genetical Implications of the Structure of Deoxyribonucleic Acid, it describes how genes can carry specific chromosomes onto later generations. They supported their hypothesis by including the information gathered from Franklin, Wilkins, and Pauling. If it weren’t for their earlier exploration of other people’s ideas, these two men would never have been able to conduct enough experimentation in order to actually construct a model of DNA.
Nonetheless, Crick and Watson did not simply go online and search up other’s information. These men had to encounter people and exchange ideas with them. Along that line, conflicts were encountered. By the end of January of 1953, Watson went to King’s college to meet with Wilkins in order to obtain x-rays taken of DNA. This picture that was shown to Watson is known as the famous Photograph 51, which when Watson saw it “ my mouth fell open and my pulse began to race.” Since a slight glance of the picture certainly was not beneficial, Watson decided to
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