Charles Darwin: A Brief Analysis Of Charles Darwin's Life

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" A man's friendships are one of best measures of his worth." Charles Darwin was a very interesting person. He changed man kind forever with his theroy of evoultion. darwin was also interesting because he spent five years on the the H.M.S beagles, collecting marine secimens to examine. Lastly people shiuld be interested in Charless because Darwin was an excellent writer and wrote mant books.

Born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewbury, Englasnd the paternt Robert and Susannah Darwin. His father was a very wealthy finacer and society doctor. Charles Darwin was the fifth child born. As a child Darwin went to Mr.Case's Grammer School. At the age sixteen Charles started college at The Untiversity of Edinburgh to become a doctor like his father and grandfather. Charles did not like Edinburgh so after two yeears Darwin started to attend Christ's College. In 1831 Darwi n graduated with a Bachlor of Arts Degree. harles also was a plumber throughout college.

Whhile Charles was famous slavery was very popular. Also in Great Braitain Queen Victoria was
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I was very impressed that one man could change man kind. I am inspried by Charles to do my best and nver give up and you can do anything. Darwin socialy imppacted the world of science with all of his contributions to the field of science.

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