Charles Darwin And Alfred Wallace

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Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace like so many of their predecessors made observations of natural phenomena that inspired proposals of how life on earth evolved, unlike others these men formed plausible explanations of how the changes in populations occurred without having any knowledge of Mendelian genetics which was presented in 1868, and provided the micro-mechanism for evolution that Darwin could never explain with his theory of Pangenesis. Rather, based solely on the observations each made over time observing different species of populations around the world, both men were able to pen the ideals that would serve as the foundation of the modern theory of evolution.
Both Wallace and Darwin explored the proposals that had been set forth by the likes of Lamarck, Lyell, and Thomas Malthus. In 1858 the Linnaean Society of London published the contributions of both Wallace and Darwin, which although had significant differences shared the framework of proposing decent with modification based on natural selection. The principle of natural selection provides the rationale of how changes occur in a species over time. It represents the sum total of all environmental factors exerting pressure on a species. The pressure either benefits an organism that has a favorable variation; triggering a natural advantage to the survival value of that organism/species, or either the pressure exposes weaknesses in an organism/species that has unfavorable variations. Unfavorable
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