Charles Darwin And The Theory Of Evolution

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Darwin and Evolution –Nick deluca
Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution through natural selection
It’s been over a century since Darwin presented his Theory of Evolution through natural selection and it continues to scandalise many people. Using a scientific approach, Darwin argued that species evolve to suit their environments.
In 1831 Darwin went to work on the HMS Beagle. He spent 5 years as part of the crew and his job involved drawing maps of the lands they visited and keeping a journal, including preserving samples of any scientific observations worth noting. During this time, Darwin observed that many species, that were clearly related, differed slightly depending on where they were found. This observation, coupled with ideas from the writings of Thomas Malthus, who suggested a constant battle for survival among species, led to the birth of Darwin’s controversial theory. Darwin’s theory was published under the title The Origin of Species in 1859.
Darwin’s theory of natural selection argues that the inherited variation found among individuals will either help or hinder them. Those whose inherited traits enable them to better cope with the stresses of the world will be favoured to survive and…
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