Charles Darwin Chapter 7 Summary

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Chapter 7 revolves around beginnings of human research into the idea of evolution and an introduction of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. This chapter has given us, as students, more knowledge and insight into the topic of evolution. Since we were little kids, we always thought of evolution as the theory that establishes the link between humans and monkeys or that the phrase “Survival of the fittest” meant that the strongest always prevailed over the weak. However, this chapter has given us more detailed knowledge and background information about evolution, allowing us to lift these rumors and myths from our minds.
Throughout this chapter, we have learnt about multiple new concepts and topics such as the mutations, artificial selection,
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It was interesting to learn about this theory that has become the basis of many vital concepts concerning biology. He changed the way we see things in our universe. It was also very intriguing to see that Charles was very hesitant to publish his book because he feared that it might not be taken serious or that it would be thought of as rubbish. Therefore, he spent multiple years piecing together his observations and lots of evidence to support his theory. This is very similar to modern day because multiple people are very reluctant about what they say or do because of how society will react or the backlash they will receive.
This unit has also opened me up to a new method of learning, which is more self-oriented. I personally do not enjoy this type of learning because it removes the way I prefer to learn. I personally like for the teacher to lecture and teach the topic, this allows for me to write down notes that would be important from the teacher's view. This new method of learning also forces me to do everything as I wish, even though being a young adult I need to make my own decisions; this is too open and liberal. It allows the student to dictate on their own terms and
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