Charles Darwin Hall Of Fame

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Charles Darwin was an influential scientist who made the theory of evolution, but he did not just do that (Leff). He did more in natural sciences than the theory of evolution. He influenced many people's ideas about how the Earth has changed and I believe he should be added into the History Hall of Fame for his contributions to the natural sciences. Charles Darwin was born Febuary 12, 1809 according to editors. As a child he loved to explore outside, but he wasn’t a very good student ( editors). His father and grandfather were both doctors ( editors). Naturally they expected him to be one. They sent him off to college, but he did not like the blood (Leff). After he finished college he went on a ship,…show more content…
Charles Darwin was born into the Unitarian church (leff). During his voyage he thought about religion. After he got back, he decided to be agonistic but was still respectful of his family's religion. Next he disagreed with slavery (leff). He did not think it was right (leff). It was in his family to disagree with slavery all of his family had disagreed with slavery (Anderson). According to David Leff Charles was more of a liberal. Leff goes on to say that his whole family was liberal. He never was involved in politics though (Leff). Charles darwin's Ideals reflected the findings he discovered on his…show more content…
One part of charles Darwin's legacy is how he changed the way people look at the world. Before his theory many people thought Animals were set in stone, but he changed how many people looked at the world ( editors). Next he caused a disagreement between the church and scientist. He made this disagreement because he challenged their view of how the world was made. Charles Darwin also helped contribute to other sciences, such as paleontology (Komor). He helped people understand how species survived and changed over time (Komor). He also helped them understand how the world came to be how it is today (Komor). Charles darwin made the groundwork for many scientific theories that have shaped the
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