Charles Darwin : The Father Of Evolution

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Charles Darwin is widely regarded as the father of evolution because of his extensive work explaining how species became what we see now. The theory of evolution is the change in characteristics of species from generation to generation. Through evolution, the earth gains biodiversity; species begin, change, or die. Using both fossils and living species, scientists are able to reconstruct a biological tree, grouping similar species together to trace their way back to the last common ancestor. Through this we can better picture earth’s timeline, and the story of life from the beginning until now to hopefully get a deeper understanding of what it all means. Although evidence shows that evolution holds true, it does have its opposition. Through the course of this paper, I will explain the theory of evolution. In the mid 19th century, Darwin had his first ideas about evolution on a navy ship heading to the Galapagos Islands. These islands are very geographically isolated and contain many species that are only indigenous there. As Darwin travelled island to island along the chain, he noticed that the birds had very slight differences in their beaks and other features. This made him consider, why would these similar birds have such different features? He realized that the connection is because they lived in different environments, this must be why each species is slightly different. Darwin decided to do some closer research and found that there were 13 different species of…
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