Charles Darwin: The Life of a Revolutionary Thinker Essay

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Charles Darwin, who is Charles Darwin? Darwin was not the father of genetics like Mendel; although he contributed at it. He had a hard childhood and a hard time in school. Despite all of that he was different he like to observe and collect things. He never knew that his observation would cause an enormous change in the way we looked at the world. When he was about 8 ½ or maybe 9 years his mother died because of cancer or maybe an ulcer. Sometime before that he started school but then at the age of nine he went to what he thought was a public school but it was really a private boarding school. The rooms were disgusting and they had to learn Latin or Greek literature and language ,he failed. He only liked science. Since he didn’t make …show more content…
The Beagle was going to make a trip along the South American Coastline. He finally boarded on December 3, 1831. When it started he had terrible sea sickness but, enjoyed the trip whenever it went to shore. When he went to shore he found different vegetables, and fruits in places but his favorite find was fossils.
Darwin went on many trips but his most memorable by many was the trip to the Galapagos Island. He wasn’t really impressed by the island but he still carried on with his work. He collected birds but the most memorable kind was the finches. He collected and collected. Then after four long years he left to go back home. He was finally free from the horrid seasickness. When he returned home he considered turning all of his recordings and journals into books. This would give him a chance to review what he did. So he did it, it took him eight months to turn the journals into books. In his books it showed that he studied fossils and observing the different animals and specimen around him.
Charles had made many new discoveries in the Islands. He had found 25 new species and some of the birds looked like it was related to different species. He questioned why different species would inhabit different islands close together and they would have almost the same environment but they looked different. His idea was that there was transmutation of species, one species changing into another. He also thought to himself that
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