Charles Darwin and Galapagos

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Herman Melville got there in 1841 with different goals. They were both young men when they took this journey to raid the islands: Darwin raided in the name of science and Melville for food (Howarth, 99). After their respective journeys, Darwin and Melville wrote two different books describing the same islands. The respective books made the headlines after they were written. This paper will compare Charles Darwin’s The Voyage of The Beagle and Herman Miller’s The Encantadas in an attempt to show how their writing of the biological factors in the Galapagos was skewed by the time they wrote, their mood when writing and their motive to be on the island.
Darwin was on the Beagle to gather specimens and spy on the Spanish colonial defenses. To keep a detailed record everything he saw, Darwin sent immediate reports in letters during the trip. When he got back to England, Darwin started diligently producing volumes of the zoological and geological phenomena he found in during the voyage (Howarth, 101). One of the species he records is the finch. He noticed how the different finch species had evolved to meet the nutrition available in their habitat. His detailed letters gave him access to the information he needed to describe the organisms he had seen when he began to write his book. He was on the island to collect specimen and so his writing explained in great detail the specimens he had found and…
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