Charles Darwin and Natural Selection

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Charles Darwin in fact put together an articulate theory of evolution and supported it with a good amount of body evidence in 1859 when he published his book. Natural selection is too however a basic mechanism of evolution like mutation, migration and genetic drift. In order for natural selection to work, Darwin came up with 5 different theories that brought about evolution. The five theories are: evolution, common descent, species multiply, gradualism, and natural selection itself. Evolution is when species come and go through time, while they exist they change. Common descent is organisms are descended from one, or several common ancestors and have diversified from this original stock. Species multiply is the diversification of life involving populations of one species diverging until they become two separate species; this has probably occurred billions of times on earth. Gradualism is evolutionary change occurring through incremental small changes within populations; new species are not created suddenly. Animals and plants of all sorts undergo changes through natural selection. The peacock is a unique animal that stood out to me that undergoes natural selection. There are different kinds of selection but…
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