Charles Darwin and the Scientific Revolution Essay

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In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a new way of thinking resulted from the Scientific Revolution. It was an important time in which many people turned away from the church and looked towards logic and reason for the answers to questions about life, death, and the universe. The Scientific Revolution was the key to new discoveries and it allowed many scientists such as Charles Robert Darwin to continue thinking and striving for the truth as other scientists, such as Galileo and Newton, had done before him. It was clear that logic and reasoning was becoming more popular than faith. The Scientific Revolution was well underway before Darwin was even born, but it was his studies which allowed us to conclude that "the world is …show more content…
It was inevitable that "theologians and clergymen…strongly objected to the materialist outlook conveyed by Darwin's ideas, [which led] to highly publicized confrontations between 'creationists' and 'evolutionists'."3 It took awhile before some people started to accepted the theory.

Darwin's theory of natural selection was very important concept. It is described as a "gradual variation" of an organism and "not the starting point of new species."4 This describes that the organism's "gene complexes have changed but their structure has remained constant."5 Once again, the general public were not quick to accept the beliefs of Darwin. They were doubtful and argued that a "design entails a designer; thus, the beautiful details of nature bespeak the direct handiwork of God."6 Through his studies, Darwin's theory of natural selection explains that individuals with the best traits that are suitable for a particular environment are most likely to thrive and pass on those characteristics. It follows, naturally, that individuals lacking those traits or have unfavorable traits are most likely to die before reproducing. The individuals with the desired traits will always have an advantage to those lacking the traits and a species population will become increasingly better fit as time passes. Darwin conducted many tests on plants and animals by selective

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