Charles Darwin 's Impact On The Scientific Community

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Charles Darwin is one the most influential scientists in our history. Without his speculation and theories on evolution, the way we look at evolution today may have been very misguided. Darwin created new ideas and theories that dramatically changed the way we see science today. His impact on the scientific community was both exciting yet controversial.

Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England on February 12 in the year 1809. His parents were Susannah and Robert Darwin (BBC, 2015). While Darwin was growing up, he was encouraged by his father to stay in school and study in order to become a doctor. After two years of being enrolled in Edinburgh Medical School, Darwin decided that a medical career was not a part of his life interests (Zimmer, 2001). Disappointed, his father told him the only other thing he could do was become a priest. Darwin then began school in 1828 at Cambridge University, where he worked on serving the lord and becoming a priest. However, Darwin devoted more of his time to studying nature than reading his Bible (Zimmer, 2001). It was at Cambridge University that Darwin met someone who would be able to give him an opportunity that would change his life. John Henslow, Darwin’s future mentor, was a botany professor that Darwin grew fond of (BBC, 2015). Henslow recommended that Darwin travel the world on the Beagle, a ship that would forever change Darwin’s influence on science. Henslow recommended Darwin to the ship’s captain, and in December of 1831…
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