Charles Darwin 's ' The ' Hms Beagle ' And His Exploration Of The Galapagos Islands

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Today was the day. Today was the day I would finally get all my answers on the theory of evolution, from the master himself, or should I say “father”. As I opened the door, a mysterious old figure stood with a tortoise by his side: it was Charles Darwin. Quickly and eagerly he went into the dining room and eagerly cried, “Guys! I am very glad to see you all! I need to tell you all everything, everything that I had found out about!” Before my family had fully sat on their seats, he shared fascinating stories about his adventures and voyages. He began explaining his tails on the famous “HMS Beagle” and his exploration of the Galapagos Islands. On his voyage on the “Beagle” he was instructed to chart stretches of coastlines of South America, but as he explained that he wasn’t any Picasso, his sketches ended up poorly drawn. As we all know, Darwin has never been the type to enforce rules, and plus charting coastlines is just the most boring job a person can do. As well as charting, he shared his strange fascination on his observations of how the characteristics of plants and animals suits only specific environments in South America. He explained how plants and animals in similar geographic and climate zones have a similar resemblance. With great enthusiasm, Charles addressed my half brother and wife saying, “Tom Bradey, 3 time MVP and 4 time super bowl winner, oh and the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens- Ramolia!” You must see how my observations and these fossils have similar

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